P.i.d pee Aidy Vasto Vasto bi-fold wallet PID 25262

A two-fold wallet with a presence that is suitable for the style of an adult
From the overwhelming brilliance and durability excellent robustness,"Vasto/Vasto"series of bi-fold wallet using the code van called"leather diamond"among leather lovers.It is a gem that you can enjoy the change of texture that a heavy gloss exudes so as to become familiar to the business scene with neat looks and increase patronage.The main ingredient is cordovan which is tanned with vegetable tannins and finished with dye in a tanner of cordovan which has only a few companies in Japan.By using only dyes, it gives the leather surface a sense of transparency, and it becomes a clean high-grade leather finish of the bare skin where the silver surface pattern symbolizing the leather-like appearance can be seen conspicuously.The storage unit is made smart with no fasteners.The easy-to-use design makes it easy to manage types, such as a wallet with a partition, and a coin purse that is easy to see in the Sasa-Machi, and has excellent visibility.

■ Specification details
Inside: wallet×1, coin purse×1, card pocket×4, Pocket (m)×3
Accessories: original storage bag x 1
※Due to product improvement by the manufacturer, specifications may be changed.
Outer material: cordovan (euro) / lining: numé leather (Italian), jacquard fabric
The body: about W115 X H95 X D20 (mm)
Weight:about 125g
※The size becomes the notation of the unit in mm.
※The size becomes the exact size value of our store measurement.
※Some individual differences occur by the product.

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