P.i.d PeaIdy Vasto Vasto Round Fastener Long Wallet PID 25265

Round zipper long wallet with a straight appearance that gives off a special presence
With its overwhelming brilliance and durable robustness, the Vasto series round fastener wallets are made from cord vans called leather diamonds among leather lovers. It is a gem that you can enjoy the change of texture that a heavy gloss exudes as it increases patronship by the looks which do not get tired of being polite. The main material is a cord van with only a few cord vans in Japan, tannered with vegetable tannins and finished with dye. By using only dye, the leather surface is made transparent, and it becomes a beautiful high-quality leather finish of the skin that the silver surface pattern which symbolizes the leather likeness is seen remarkably. The interior has three layers, and it is made to be able to store the type management of the bill and the receipt etc. divided. It opens wide with round fastener opening and closing, and the design with excellent visibility that can be seen suddenly is a point of ease of use. In addition, the coin purse can put in and out of the coin smoothly in the L-shaped fastener specification.

Details of specifications
Outside: Pocket (L) x 1
Inside: 3 wallets, 1 coin purse, 16 card pockets, 2 pockets (L)
Accessories: 1 original storage bag
There is also a case where the specification is changed due to product improvement by the manufacturer.
Surface: cord van (from Euro) / lining: noume leather (Italian), jacquard fabric / [body color: metal fittings color] black, green: silver [body color: metal fittings color] chocolate, camel: gold
Body: About W195 x H100 x D25 (mm)
Weight: about 210g
The size is a notation in mm units.
The size is the actual size value of our store measurement.
There will be some individual differences depending on the product.

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