P.i.d pea Di Vasto burst coin case

A case of the Vasto / vaste series
From the rugged brilliance and durability rugged "Vasto / vaste" series of cornvan called "leather diamond" among leather lovers. The jacket style and the business scene are familiar with the luxurious looks, and it is an excellent to enjoy the change of the feeling that the thick gloss produces as much as you want to increase your love. The main material is a Cordovan made of a Cordovan only in Japan, and tanned with vegetable tannin. The leather surface is transparent to the leather surface, and it can be used to make the leather surface of the leather. It has three layers, and it is easy to manage small coins, cards, and four fold bills. The opening of the L-shaped zipper is large to open with a wide range of visibility. In addition, it is designed to be easy to use as a passport with a window with a window excellent in visibility on the back.

Specifications details
Outside: card pocket x 1
Inside: card pocket x 4 pocket
Accessories: original storage bag x 1
* there are also cases where specifications are changed by product improvement by manufacturer.
Front: Cordovan (Euro) / lining: Nude leather (Italy), jacquard fabric / main body color: silver, green: Silver
Main body: about 7575 x H110 x D25 (mm)
Weight: about 100 grams
* the size is expressed in units of mm.
* the size is the actual value of our store measurement.
* some individual differences occur depending on the product.

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