P.i.d PID Selva Selva 2WAY Tote Bag PID PAP103

A 2WAY tote bag with a sophisticated look that gives an elegant impression
A 2WAY tote bag is now available from the "Selva" series, which features the texture and luster of leather that can be seen and hidden by adjusting the amount of light. It is a discerning item that is carefully tailored by hand using a sewing machine with special sewing. By giving the bottom a rounded shape, it doesn't get too tight and gives an elegant impression regardless of whether it is on or off. The main material is square grain embossed leather, which is a combination tanning (mixed tanning) of zebu beef (zebu). Depending on how the light hits, the natural texture and luster of leather products that cannot be expressed with artificial materials can be seen and hidden. It is a leather that is relatively easy to maintain and keeps its beautiful condition with less noticeable scratches. The storage section has a size that allows A4 size to fit comfortably. With a stable gusset width, you can neatly store luggage, PET bottles, documents, etc. that you usually carry around. In addition, the zip opening and closing body is equipped with a magnet inside, which is excellent because it can be closed only with a magnet even when the zipper is left open. The interior is equipped with a zip pocket, a subdivision pocket that is convenient for storing small items, and an earphone cord wrapping, so you can neatly organize even small items that tend to get confused. In addition, Nume leather is used for the inner parts, so you can enjoy the process of changing to amber as you use it.

■ Specification details
Outside: Pocket (S) x 1
Inside: Zip pocket (M) x 1, Pocket (S) x 1, Pocket (XS) x 1, Earphone cord winding x 1
Accessories: Shoulder strap x 1, Key chain x 1
* Specifications may change due to product improvements by the manufacturer.
Outer material: cowhide (zebu cow), square grain (embossed)
Lining: Twill cotton
Attachment: Cowhide (Nume leather)

[Body color: Lining color]
・ Kuro: Navy
・ Chocolate: Black
・ Con: Tea
Body: Approx. W420 x H320 x D150 (mm)
Handle: Height approx. 165 (mm)
Shoulder strap: Length approx. 935 to 1365 (mm) x Width approx. 35 to 50 (mm)
Weight: Approximately 1380 grams
* Size is shown in mm.
* The size is the actual size measured by our shop.
* Some individual differences may occur depending on the product.

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