TERG targ ALL WAY SQUARE Allway Square 2WAY Backpack 20L

a multipurpose ruck free to choose style
A backpack that allows easy style change by simply replacing straps, and features a breakthrough design that allows free styles to be selected according to scenes. The storage department is a size that can be used to meet the size of the B4, and the daily baggage and documents are also well-made. It is a two-air room structure by installing a zip pocket and partition in the center, and it is also a good design for the partitioning and storage of luggage. The interior is a multilink system with a Velcro, and it is possible to install separate items from the brand, and the front and back are equipped with large zip pockets that can be handled firmly. Further side has a compression belt that allows the machi width to be adjusted, allowing free width regulation depending on the amount of luggage. Replacement of desorption straps allows you to enjoy styles such as backpacks, diagonally messengers, and belts stretched and shoulder bags. Because the strap part can be completely removed, it can be used as a briefcase with a hand-held handle, and it is an excellent item that can be used in many ways.

specification detail
Outside: Pocket (L) × 2
Inside: Zip Pocket (L) × 1
Success: Strap × 2
Some things may change the specification due to the improvement of goods by manufacturers.
Stop: All-most black: 1200D polyester: Black, Coyote, Multi, Tiger: 1000D Codura nylon
Body: About W350×H490×D150(mm)
Luc trap: lengths about 550 to 1400 (mm)× widths about 25 to 75 (mm)
Weight: About 850 grams
Capacity: About 20 L
The size is notated in mm units.
The size is the actual size of our store measurement.
Some individual differences occur due to the product.

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