Anizary multi case s antique leather antique leather smurouch porch men's Mini Mini Wallet 01-08002

Compact multi case
Multi case with smooth smooth leather "antique leather" with unique tone. It is comfortable to wear with a moist texture, and the design with no moisture fits in the pocket of bags and clothing. It is an item that is useful for small going out and small items arrangement. It is possible to store the iPhone 8 in the storage part which becomes an open specification, and zip pocket also functions as a coin case. It is a case that can be used for multi use depending on usage.

Specifications details
Outside: zip pocket (L) x 1, pocket (L) x 1, pocket (m) x 1
Country of production: Japan
* there are also cases where specifications are changed by product improvement by manufacturer.
Front: cow leather / body color: black, dark brown, dark blue, Marron, camel: Silver
Main body: about 90 x h160 (mm)
Weight: 70
* the size is expressed in units of mm.
* the size is the actual value of our store measurement.
* some individual differences occur depending on the product.

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