Masterpiece business bag master-T 3WAY briefcase (A4 dealing) Density Herringbone Coating Version 13 commute commute commute backup business Luc Master 01377-hc commuting

A total of 3WAY business bags will be used in a wide range of time, from busy to business scenes.
The 3WAY business bag of Density-Herringbone Coating Version with PVC-coated special fabric.There is a backpack strap on the back, which is available for three ways: handheld, shoulder, shoulder, and back, and convenient when you want to work with your bicycles and hands on your back.A storage space is a two-tiered structure that is easy to make a luggage.We have a full Pocket support for A4, so we can use it for a wide range of time from everyday to business.

specification details
Outer: Dip Pocket (L) × 1
Front storage: Pocket (S) × 2, Penholder × 2
Rear storage: Snap pockets (L) × 1, Dipp Pocket (M) × 1, Vercropopocket (M) × 2, Bottle Holder × 1
*It is also possible for manufacturers to change their specifications by improving their products by making improvements to their products.
Land surface: NC Hellenbon (nylon 70 %/Cotton 30 % Cotton) PVC Coating/Adjunct: Oildkaurezer, Cowlesaeseed
Body: approximately W410 × H280 × D90 (mm)
Weight: approximately 1200 grams
The size is expressed in millimeters in millimeters.
* The size is the actual size of the store measurement.
* There is a slight difference in individual population differences depending on the product.

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