Master-piece Business classic master-piece 2WAY business bag briefcase(B4 correspondence) RAD mens commuter commuter bag classic master piece 02606

active behavior you want I think is well-suited for 2WAY business bag
high tenacity nylon, high density woven strong and thick fabric using a series of"RAD"of the 2WAY business bag. Handheld and backpack that can be used in 2WAY specifications can,bike commuting and both hands to the sky as the active behavior you want in the city. Storage space is B4 the corresponding size,the necessary documents and files can fit. The front at the bottom is a loop attached to the tape by the printing,to safety have been considered.

■ The specifications for details
outside: zip pocket(L)×1[PC-storage×1 built-in], zip pocket(L)×1[a Velcro pocket(S)×2, pen holder×3,Key Holder×1 built-in], zip pocket(M)×3
inside: zip pocket(L)×1, mesh zip pocket(M) ×2
* manufacturers product improvement, the specifications may be changed also jewels.
※ Manufacturers by product improvement, the specifications must be wary.
Outer fabric:Toray(shares)1680d hollow fiber 100% polyamide, comes with:steering leather(3M SCOTCHGARD)
body: about W295×H420×D120(mm)
Weight: about 1100 grams
capacity: approximately 15L
* size mm unit signage and more.
※ Size our measurement of the actual value.
※ By the product slight individual difference arises.

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