[Regular] 2-Year warranty] TUMI Tumi ALPHA SLG Gassett Card Case 19256

a cardcase with an attractive durability and superior texture
A card case that combines the superior functionality and design of a tuna.A durable baristick, a nylon, a refined chrome of detail and a leaser accent was made.Since it's a simple design, it has been made up of items that are easy to fit from casual to business.The interior is equipped with a clear pocket, which is convenient for storing IC cards such as Suica, as well as credit cards, parking tickets, etc.A compact, but necessary card, is a design that is quite clean.It can be stored in a lot of space with a matchup, and it can also be used as a business card.It is used daily, and it has a very durable baristic nylon for the main material, for the purpose of making love for the love of the body.A rough chrome detail has a tramming and metal pretem in the detail of the leaser.

specification details
Inside: Card Collection × 1, Clear Pocket x 1, Card Pocket x 2, Pocket (M) × 1
Product Warranty: 2 years
*It is also possible for manufacturers to change their specifications by improving their products by making improvements to their products.
surface: baristic nylon/adjunct: oxen
Body: Approximated W105 × H75 × D22 (mm)
Weight: approximately 45 grams
The size is expressed in millimeters in millimeters.
* The size is the actual size of the store measurement.
* There is a slight difference in individual population differences depending on the product.

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