Slow SLOW pouch (M) rubono rubono Tochigi leather glove compartment men's ladies 300S17C

Design and size feel that can be used in a wide range of applications
In addition to amenities such as handkerchiefs and cosmetics, the storage space can also store stationery such as pens and notepads.Simple and timeless design, you can use it regardless of gender.The leather which has been tanned over the time carefully by making full use of the technique of the Takumi produces a high-quality looks full of a profound feeling.unlike the leather used in the classic bono series, The"rubono/rubono" series features a combination of softness and lightness.The more you use it, the more color will increase the depth, and it will become a nice texture.

※There is also the case that the specification is changed due to product improvement by the manufacturer.
Outer: cowhide (vegetable tannin leather) / lining: hemp 100%
Body: about W240 / 200×H140×D50 (mm)
Storage opening: about 215(mm)
Weight: about 160g
*The size is indicated in mm.
※The size will be the actual size of our measurement.
※ Slight individual differences may occur depending on the product.

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