SLOW Slow Bifold Wallet Double Oil Double Oil Wallet L-shaped Fastener 333S47E

Bifold wallet using full vegetable tannin leather made by Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd., founded in 1937, which is said to have the best technology in Japan
The genuine slime leather, which has been licked over time, is a wild and high-quality leather made by making full use of the craftsmanship. The more you use it, the deeper the color, and the more fun it is to grow with the day.

Specification details
Inside: coin purse × 1, card pocket × 12, long pocket × 3
Country of production: Japan
※ Due to product improvement by the manufacturer, there is also a case where the specification is changed.
Material: Cowhide (full vegetable tannin pit tank tanning Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd.)
Body: About W100 x H140 x D30 (mm)
Weight: 170
※ Size will be the notation of mm units.
※ Size will be the actual size value of our store measurement.
※ Some individual differences will occur depending on the product.

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