Aoki bag COMPLEX GARDENS Complex Gardens withered money clip 3699

Money clip made of fine-quality leather polished like glass
A money clip from the series "Koutan/Kotan", which includes items that give off a beautiful sheen like glass. This series has a tasteful taste without making a flashy claim. The slimness that retains the silhouette of the style is attractive and produces elegance for business and formal scenes. Transparent glass processing created by the careful work of craftsmen. You can enjoy the secular change that changes into a luster and texture like a cordovan by using it. In addition, the beautifully polished Nume-colored Koba accentuates the design, which enhances the look of the glossy leather made by glass processing. A perfect money clip for those who want to carry thin and light bills. The bills are held firmly with clips, so you do not have to worry about slipping. It also has a pocket inside so you can carry frequently used cards with you.

■Specification details
Inside: Money clip x 1, card pocket x 4
*Specifications may change due to product improvements by the manufacturer.
Outer fabric: Cowhide (Nume glass processing) / Lining: Pig floor leather
Body: About W110 x H90 x D10 (mm)
Weight: about 70g
*Size is expressed in mm.
*Size is the actual size measured by our shop.
*Some individual differences may occur depending on the product.

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