master-piece master-piece AXIS 2WAY tote bag 43065

PVC coated fabric 2 WAY tote
nylon twill to 0. 15mm thick PVC-coated fabrics using the series"AXIS"of the 2WAY tote bag. The shoulder strap is removable and to accommodate handheld or shoulder use. The storage unit is A4 size all fit. The inside is cushioned to PC storage or storage,bottle holder, small, convenient pocket multiple equipment. From the outside, and A4 files to fit the size of the zip pocket on the front equipped. Here is a sample performance specification and the internal pen holder such as built-in. Other,a plurality of pockets provided on the back side of the suitcase and set up features for your busy business support and comfort to look.

■ The specifications for details
outside: zip pocket(L)×1 [pocket (M)×1, Pocket(S)×2, pen holder×2 built-in], zip pocket(L)×1 [Pocket(S)×1 built-in],Pocket(S)×2
inside: PC storage×1, zip pocket(L)×1, pocket (M) ×2,bottle holder×1
outer fabric: nylon twill PVC coating, 2520d nylon/supplied:YES standard certification eco-tanned leather,
body: approximately W420(top)/360 (bottom)×H355×D125(mm)
handle: height of about 190 (mm)
shoulder strap: length approximately 830~1430(mm)×width approximately 40(mm)
Weight: approx 1180 grams
* size is in mm signage, and more.
※ Size our measurement of the actual value.
※ By the product slight individual difference arises.

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