Masterpiece 3WAY briefcase master-piece 3WAY business bag briefcase) STREAM men commuting commuting bag rucksack shoulder slant credit master piece 55525 for (A4

The 3WAY business bag which is useful at the time of the bicycle commuting
Original fabric of the 3 lei yeah structure, 3WAY business bag of series "STREAM" using MASTERTEX-05 nylon. I check a shoulder bag, briefcase, a rucksack type in the wide scene and, by the 3WAY type that I can use properly, am useful at the time of the bicycle commuting. The storage space can carry documents and the file which are necessary for size for A4 smartly. It is superior in cushion characteristics made, and the back zip storage space is convenient for the storing of a notebook PC and the tablet terminal.

■The specifications details
The outside: Zip pocket (L) *1, zip pocket (M) *2, zip storing *1
The inside: Zip pocket (L) *1, Velcro pocket (L) *1, Velcro pocket (M) *4, penholder grip *3
Accessories: Shoulder strap
※When specifications are changed by the product improvement by the maker, there is it.
A dress material: MASTERTEX-05 (100% of CORDURA_420d nylon moisture-permeable waterproofing film L-Vent_ laminating processing), Stare leather "SCOTCHGARD"
The main body: About W385 X H285 X D100 (mm)
A steering wheel: Height 70 (mm)
A shoulder strap: Length approximately 780-1280 (mm) X width approximately 38 (mm)
A rucksack strap: Length 440-760 (mm) X width 25-65 (mm)
Weight: Approximately 1,100 grams
※The size becomes the notation of the mm unit.
※The size becomes the full scale value of our store measurement.
※Some individual difference occurs because of a product.

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