NELD Neldo PUEBRO Pueblo Card Case AN140

Card case to enjoy the texture of leather
Puebro is a series made of Pueblo leather tanned by italy's prestigious CARLO BADARASI. This is a card case where you can taste a unique leather expression. Different coloring of the outside and the inside is an item that will produce a casual sense of fun for everyday use and business scene. The storage part is a sasamachi type that can store the card smartly. In addition to the main storage unit, three pockets inward and one place on the outside. One of the features is the ease of use that can sort business cards. Pueblo leather used in the main body is made based on the "baketta manufacturing method" using "cow leg oil". This method takes time and effort, but once cow leg oil penetrates into the leather, it is hard to come off and is characterized by a beautiful change over time. In addition, nuOVA GRENOBLE's full tannin leather is used for the leather of the inner layer.

Specification details
Outside: 1 card pocket
Inside: 3 card pockets
Accessories: Original storage bag × 1
※ Due to product improvement by the manufacturer, there is also a case where the specification is changed.
Surface: Cowhide / Lining: 100% cotton
Body: About W110 x H75 x D15 (mm)
Weight: about 70g
※ Size will be the notation of mm units.
※ Size will be the actual size value of our store measurement.
※ Some individual differences will occur depending on the product.

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