Nerd KeyCase: NELD PRIME PRIME Smart Keys Leather Ladies: Reza Prime, Prime AN164

a keycase that is attractive for new colors
A PRIME/Prime series keycase, which has not been deployed until now.The full syrup of flutannin and the aging of the shrimp crencers are used in a wide variety of ways, which are different from the year of the change.The interior design is a loose design with a four-key holder for the first and third inner brackets.It has pockets for serving cards, tickets, and so on.You can also use a smart key or a small change in your car in the outer zippoop pocket with the key holder inside.The original skin is used for the use of European jersey cattle.It is characterized by the finer light of the skin turtle.We can taste the texture of a good European bark, as well as the texture of the skin, and its surface is attractive for its natural book-shlink.

specification details
Outer: Dip pocket (L) × 1 [keyholder x 1 integrated], Pocket x 1
Inside: Keeling × 4, Pocket × 1
Adjunct: 1 Original Collection Bugbag
*It is also possible for manufacturers to change their specifications by improving their products by making improvements to their products.
Front place: Ushikawa
Body: approximately W65 × H110 × D25 (mm)
Weight: about 80 grams
The size is expressed in millimeters in millimeters.
* The size is the actual size of the store measurement.
* There is a slight difference in individual population differences depending on the product.

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