NELD panel download FINE file round zip bi-fold wallet AN167

stitches used in the design of the point was two fold wallet
Buffalo calf leather luxury to use the"FINE"series of two-fold wallet. This is the size of the round fastener type long wallet is a big but,a purse is not enough for you, then try this one! highly recommended. A simple click on it in the same color and stitch to use is-set. The storage unit is a colorful slots,cards or banknotes to the type of manageable design. Purse is box type and the coin take-out smoothly. Receipts and tickets, which can hold free Pocket features,contents clean organized you can. Materials Annarita companies of the advanced technologies built for the Buffalo calf leather used. Calf leather and 6 months of age in the calf of the fibre structure is dense, thin, and beautiful features. And as the months and years rolled on, the deep texture changes, the custom feel and a unique luster stay.

■ Detailed specifications
inside: wallet×2,card pocket×9, with a purse×1, pocket(L) x 3
accessories: original storage bag×1
* manufacturers product improvement, the specifications must be wary.
Outer material:cowhide(Italian Buffalo)/lining: polyester 100%
main body: about W140×H90×D20(mm)
Weight: approximately 130 g
* size in mm unit signage and more.
※ Size our measurement of the actual value.
※ By the product slight individual difference arises.

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