L.E.D.BITES El Edie Bites RAY Coin Case B-2332

Ae leather coin case with beauty and durability
Coin case using ei leather that is in the limelight under the name of Stingray and Garusha. It has a beauty and durability as if it were spread with beads, and its unique presence not found in leather is also an element as an accessory. The storage unit divided into three layers can also store cards, and can also be stored separately between small change type management and small change and cards. In addition, it is recommended to store the bill folded in three, and use it as a compact sub-wallet. The surface of "Ei leather", which is called a swimming jewel, has a suspicious and glossy expression, and has excellent durability. While taking a hard impression, it is a hand stitch using a wax-pulling sewing thread, making it a finish that conveys warmth.

Specification details
Inside: 2 card pockets
※ Due to product improvement by the manufacturer, there is also a case where the specification is changed.
Surface: Stingray (Ei leather) / Lining: Buffalo
Body: About W110 x H80 x D20 (mm)
Weight: about 105g
※ Size will be the notation of mm units.
※ Size will be the actual size value of our store measurement.
※ Some individual differences will occur depending on the product.

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