L.E.D.BITES エルイーディーバイツ RAY folio wallet B-2343

Wallet of a design attracting a person in pursuit of the beauty and a function
The folio wallet of the fastener type using ray leather coming into the limelight in the name of Rei Sting and Galusha. Possess beauty and the durability that seemed to totally spread beads all, and, as for the unique presence that leather does not have, there is the element as accessories; of the style accentuate. The structure that the round fastener specifications were superior in security of the carrying around. The billfold is to make two levels, and paper money and the assortment of the receipt are made compact. I adopt a box type superior in visibility and easiness of takeoff in a coin purse, and the big structure using the whole one side is a point, too. The surface of "ray leather" named a swimming jewel pictures a fascinating expression strangely and is superior in the durability. There is a handmade feeling in a handstitch using the sewing thread of the waxing while having a hard impression, and it is with the finish which the warmth reaches.

■The specifications details
The inside: Billfold *2, card pocket *4, coin purse *1, pocket (M) *3
※When specifications are changed by the product improvement by the maker, there is it.
A dress material: Rei Sting (ray leather) / lining: Buffalo
The main body: About W140 X H95 X D25 (mm)
Weight: Approximately 180 grams
※The size becomes the notation of the mm unit.
※The size becomes the full scale value of our store measurement.
※Some individual difference occurs because of a product.

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