El the diva tool waist bag L. E. D. BITES COW H' Out ash horizontal type waist porch body bag shoulder oblique is a clutch bag genuine leather 3WAY expander blue mens B-300A

expander function with Luxury and functionality waist bag
brand from the initial design and follow a universal form of 3WAY bag. And a shiny leather glaze processed shoulder belt a luxurious feel that exudes. Shoulder straps change the waist bag,oblique, and clutch bags of the style you can enjoy a 3WAY design. The material is glossy and taste and texture is attractive to skip the leather used, including as gloss of the leather. Also, the shoulder strap has glazing effect in the sense of luxury acrylic tape is adopted.

■Specification details
outside: mug hook pocket(L)×2
inner:zip pocket(L)×1, Velcro pocket (M)×1
accessories: shoulder strap×1, bottom Board×1
country of origin: Bangladesh
* manufacturers product improvement, the specifications must be wary.
Outer material:cowhide/lining: polyester
body: about W265×H145×D20~85(mm)
waist strap: longest 1220
waist strap width: 38
weight: 480
※size mm unit signage and more.
※ Size our measurement of the actual value.
※ By the product slight individual difference arises.

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