El Eddie Bites Body Bag L.E.D.BITES COW H' Cow Ash One Shoulder Bag Diagonal Cliff Men's Genuine Leather Expand Double B-308A

¥11,550 ¥23,100
Body bag with high quality and functionality with expand double function
It is a one-shoulder bag of universal form that continues from the beginning of the brand. The shoulder belt which has been glazed and processed in glossy cowhide exudes a sense of luxury. The material uses kip leather with an attractive texture with a glossy taste, and it is a special leather that the gloss increases as you use it. In addition, the shoulder strap adopts acrylic tape with a sense of luxury in glazing processing. It is designed to be able to carry from both the left and right, with expand double function, it is with a convenient function that can cope even if the luggage increases.

Specification details
Outside: Maghock pocket (L) x 1 [pocket × 1 built-in], maghock pocket (L) × 1
Inside: Pocket (M) × 1
Accessories: Bottom plate × 1
Country of production: Bangladesh
※ Due to product improvement by the manufacturer, there is also a case where the specification is changed.
Surface: Cowhide / Lining: Polyester
Body: About W200 x H360 x D20 to 120 (mm)
Storage unit (width): 200
Storage unit (height): 290
Storage unit (machi): 20-120
Shoulder straps: length 730-1250
Shoulder straps: 25-50 widths
Weight: 580
※ Size will be the notation of mm units.
※ Size will be the actual size value of our store measurement.
※ Some individual differences will occur depending on the product.

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