L.E.D. BITES BITES JackPot One, shoulder bag, shoulder bag, Menzz. Schlinchleaser B-5440.

A bodybag with a beautiful form charming.
A bodybag with a different facial expression using a natural-grinder-claser.It features an asymmetrical, asymmetrical design, which is simple and beautiful, but also has a sense of existence.The body of a thick texture, which is thick and soft, is equipped with a fastener expropriation to open a large and large body, and it is also a good form of luggage to make the baggage.The long wallet and 500ml bottles are also in the same way, and they have a strong sense of size that can be used as a standard holiday style.

specification details
Outer: Pocket (L) × 1, Zip Pocket (M) × 1
Inside: Pocket (M) × 2
Country of production: Japan
*It is also possible for manufacturers to change their specifications by improving their products by making improvements to their products.
Land: Ushio (cattle leather)/backland: polyester
Body: approx. W200 × H440 × D90 (mm)
Exproprient: 310
Sholder strap: length about 950 to 1230
Sholder strap: Approximation to 25 to 50
Weight: about 540 grams
The size is expressed in millimeters in millimeters.
* The size is the actual size of the store measurement.
* There is a slight difference in individual population differences depending on the product.

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