L.E.D.BITES エルイーディーバイツ GIGY body bag B-5718

The compact body bag which features the camouflage pattern with the article
A body bag of the "GIGY" series where a shadow camouflage pattern printed to the nylon cloth with the three-dimensional impression is refined. It is with casual clothes and the finish matching both dressy styles by using the nylon material which it is easy to use for daily. The compact size that is most suitable for carrying of the personal necessities including a wallet and the smartphone. Because there is the pocket, the subdivision management of the item is possible. It is a feeling of size to play an active part in the subbags at the time of going out and the trip of the holiday when I am light and want to work. I am finished in the impression that is refined in Urban by putting "camouflage pattern" with a rustic impression for the cloth with a three-dimensional impression woven with three colors of threads by a rubber print manlike. A design seems to appear by printing the light color.

■The specifications details
The outside: Zip pocket (L) *1
The inside: Zip pocket (L) *1, pocket (M) *2
A production country: Japan
※When specifications are changed by the product improvement by the maker, there is it.
A dress material: Nylon / lining: Polyester
The main body: The main body: About W250 X H150 X D50 (mm)
A shoulder strap: Length approximately 680-1250
A shoulder strap: Width approximately 40-75
Weight: Approximately 340 grams
※The size becomes the notation of the mm unit.
※The size becomes the full scale value of our store measurement.
※Some individual difference occurs because of a product.

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