Men leather real leather B-7720 whom there is エルイーディーバイツ wallet L.E.D.BITES folio wallet GARCON young man coin purse in

Folio wallet of the young man type whom I arranged in contemporary style
The young man type folio wallet that what a young man used in European cafes is considered to be an origin. The original concho of the front desk uses silver; of the whole design accentuate. With ジャバラ structure that the inside distributes big box type coin case and charm and card with high visibility and can put away, I comprise superior storing. In addition, the snap fastened with two phases to capacity is a point. A Japanese craftsman dyes the cowhide using to soft leather by manual labor using a traditional dyeing technology in Italy. It is the gem which you can use habitually for a long time to add to more depth by a secular variation.

■The specifications details
The outside: Pocket (L) *1 [*1 card pocket incorporation]
The inside: Billfold *3, card pocket *12, coin purse *1
A production country: Japan
※When specifications are changed by the product improvement by the maker, there is it.
A dress material: Cowhide / lining: Rayon
The main body: About W140 X H95 X D25 (mm)
Weight: Approximately 150 grams
※The size becomes the notation of the mm unit.
※The size becomes the full scale value of our store measurement.
※Some individual difference occurs because of a product.

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