L. E. D. BITES El the diva tool Grele two fold wallet B-7742

¥7,700 ¥15,400
adults from some products appearance of the two bi-fold wallet with
classy atmosphere that the stamping was subjected to"Grele"series of two-fold wallet. Business and casual, both can be used for a wide range of scenarios used. Also, the soothing texture in a matronly appearance, and adults out standing items as well. The body is not provided with the open type and open as soon as bills and cards and you can structure. The bill storage space compartment, and the type is divided into management can be one as well. In the body,it is the data owner for a sturdy vegetable tannin leather(cow leather)by using. On the surface"water"to Express the fine water system of the type Press, the checkered pattern of the mold pressing is performed for products of the roughness experience. Also, the surface to some extent and moisture is also strong in features.

■ Specifications details
inside: wallet×2,card pocket x 4, coin purse×1, pocket (M)×3
※manufacturer product improvements, the specifications must be wary.
Outer material:cowhide/lining: polyester
body: about W105×H95×D18(mm)
Weight: about 70 grams
* size is in mm units, signage and more.
※ Size our measurement of the actual value.
※ By the product slight individual difference arises.

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