Pelle Morbida Wallet PELLE MORBIDA Card Case Coin Case Mini Wallet Barca Barca Embossed Leather Embossed Leather Embossed Men Women Ladies Pere Morvida BA315

A mini wallet that creates a smart everyday life
A mini wallet from the "Barca" accessory series that is simple and easy to use, and can be used as one of your coordinate items. It is a convenient item that can be walleted in with a thin gusset. The zip storage allows you to store coins and folded bills. The outside has a simple structure consisting of 5 levels of card pockets and free pockets. Because it is a thin gusset, it does not sound like a silhouette even if you put it in the pocket of the jacket. The compact body can also be used as an in-wallet for your long wallet. The bicolor collar is easy to use when you put it in a long wallet, and it is also a design accent. The leather is a solid color, but you can feel the light and shade. One of the attractions is that scratches are less noticeable than leather with a smooth texture.

■Specification details
Outside: Pocket (L) x 1, card pocket x 5
Country of Origin: Japan
*Specifications may change due to product improvements by the manufacturer.
Outer fabric: cowhide
Body: About W75 x H140 x D5 (mm)
Weight: about 60g
*Size is expressed in mm.
*Size is the actual size measured by our shop.
*Some individual differences may occur depending on the product.

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