BAGGY PORT buggyport BUONA Multicase ZYS-2406

A multi-case of warm leather attractive
The BUONA/Buona multi-case, made of rough texture and unique warm leather, is a large and multifunctional item that is also recommended for work and travel. If you keep using it, you can enjoy leather aging, such as changing your hands and touches, and the main storage is four-tiered, so you can store not only your money but also your bankbook, passport, and smartphone. The card pockets are installed in 26 places, and even if the amount increases, the body is thick and large, so the width of the use depending on the idea is wide. The interior can be fitted with pockets with key chains and also store smart keys, and it is also useful for storage such as tickets and traffic IC cards that you want to take out immediately, with pockets on the back of your body. The body dough employs elaborate leather, which is brushing to make sandpaper on the surface of Italian leather and circle with brass brushes from above. The rough surface and warm leather are thicker in color as they are used, and enjoy beautifully, with black cova paint becoming an accent of design.

specification detail
Outside: Pocket (L) × 1
Inside: Sappropriation × 4, Card Pocket × 26, Chemical Pocket × 1, Pocket (L) × 2, Pocket (S) × 1 [Keychain × 1 Instrumental]
Some things may change the specification due to the improvement of goods by manufacturers.
Surface: Italian leather (brushing processing)
This body: about W210×H110×D35(mm)
Weight: About 310 grams
The size is notated in mm units.
The size is the actual size of our store measurement.
Some individual differences occur due to the product.

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