Credlin CLEDRAN wallet long wallet long wallet Saif Paese Pesce mouth ladies CL-1540

"PESE/pese" series, a long wallet of Gama mouth drifting high quality feeling of cowhide
It is a simple and neat design that stands out the goodness of fine leather.Leather is well familiar with the antique-style parts enough to use, will be finished in a deep taste looks.The point is the slim look and the ease of use unique to the Gama mouth.Because the Gama mouth was adopted for the main opening and closing,it is easy to use and excellent in visibility.The main space is equipped with a large number of card storage pockets, you can also easily store cards that tend to be many.There is also a free pocket on the back of the card pocket, so it is convenient for storing receipts, tickets, etc.The wallet has a sense of size that can be neatly stored without folding a million bills.Because it is divided into two layers, type management can also be done firmly.There is also a zip pocket with a single gusset that is perfect for storing coins.It is attractive to make high functionality considering ease of use.It is also a point of design, but in the mouth, parts with an antique feeling are used.In addition, the brand logo of the elegant impression is engraved on the front and inside, it is made to feel attention to detail.You can enjoy the taste of leather, it is your wallet that you want to cherish for a long time.

■ Specification details
Inside:wallet x 2, card storage pocket x 12, free pocket x 2
Country of Origin:Japan
※There is also the case that the specification is changed due to product improvement by the manufacturer.
Material:Cowle leather
Body: about W200×H115×D25(mm)
Weight: 230
*The size is indicated in mm.
※The size will be the actual size of our measurement.
※ Slight individual differences may occur depending on the product.

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