Columbia Columbia Siploop 13L Backpack Kids PU8339

2WAY bag useful with sporty for kids
Backpack, backpack for Kids available for Tautobag and 2WAY.It is attractive for a crayling with a sporty eye.He plays in various scenes of his children's activities, such as a bag for exodus, apprentis, and a travel bag.The main storage area of the zip-opening and closed type is the size of the A4 size.A name tag is also provided on the inside.In the outer zippockets, it is useful to store items that you want to retrieve immediately.The wrist strap is a good ventilation to use for a long time, because the mesh material is the mesh material.In addition, at the bottom of the bag, it is equipped with a reflector that is reflected in the car's headlights, etc., and it is a safe function at night.

specification details
Outer: zippoop (M) × 1
Inside: Pocket (S) × 1
*It is also possible for manufacturers to change their specifications by improving their products by making improvements to their products.
Front land: 600D (Polyyester 100 %)
Body: approximately W250 × H370 × D140 (mm)
wrist straps: Approximate length: Approximate 430 to 850 (mm) × approx. 20 to 77 (mm)
Weight: approximately 320 grams
Capacity: approximately 13L
The size is expressed in millimeters in millimeters.
* The size is the actual size of the store measurement.
* There is a slight difference in individual population differences depending on the product.

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