Karrimor charmer step 10 step 10 10L kids

Active scene active Backpack
It is a practical day pack "step 10 / step 10" which features the function that is active in the trekking and outdoors though it is compact. It is the point where the safety aspect is considered by the reflector arranged on the front and the side. The size of the child is also easy to use for women. The main body corresponds to B5 size, suitable for storing notes, pen cases, towels, etc. Recommended for outdoor, excursions, sports. Pocket or bottle holder is provided outside, and can be used to store fine items and frequently used items.

Specifications details
Outside: mesh pocket (s) x 1 [built-in hook key x 1], mesh pocket (m) x 1, mesh pocket (s) x 1
Inside: pocket (L) x 1
* there are also cases where specifications are changed by product improvement by manufacturer.
Front: Nylon 100% / included: Polypropylene 100%
Main body: approx. W250 x H380 x D100 (mm)
Backpack: length: about 400 to 740 mm
Weight: about 330 grams
Capacity: About
* the size is expressed in units of mm.
* the size is the actual value of our store measurement.
* some individual differences occur depending on the product.

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