MOUSTACHE Mustache Russack 30L VWN-4557

Large rucksack for commuting and traveling
Due to its ample storage capacity of 30L, this rucksack is ideal for commuting, going to school or traveling for about one night. Despite its large size, the square shape is attractive for a neat finish. The design is accented with vivid-colored tape on the all-black simple appearance. The main body has a large storage opening, so you can take out your luggage smoothly. It has a wide gusset width for B4 and can easily store bulky items such as clothes. Not only the PC compartment but the entire interior is highly cushioned, protecting important luggage from impact. During busy commuting and commuting hours, the design is such that items can be taken out quickly. There is a back zipper and multiple pockets that give you quick access to the main without wasting space on the sides, front, top or back. The point is that you can manage a wide range from small items to large items.

■Specification details
Outside: Zip pocket (L) x 1, zip pocket (M) x 2, zip pocket (S) x 1, mesh pocket (XS) x 2
Inside: PC storage x 1, mesh pocket (XS) x 2
*Specifications may change due to product improvements by the manufacturer.
Outer fabric: water repellent poly x tarpaulin
Body: About W300 x H530 x D160 (mm)
Backpack strap: length approx. 550-1060 (mm) x width approx. 25-70 (mm)
Weight: about 1065g
Capacity: about 30L
*Size is expressed in mm.
*Size is the actual size measured by our shop.
*Some individual differences may occur depending on the product.

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