moz shrike VASKA 2WAY tote bag ZZHC-01

2WAY tote bag using the canvas material
The 2WAY tote bag which made the embroidery of the elk of the brand icon on canvas (canvas) material usable casually. The place where a three-dimensional impression and glossiness are given by a design of the embroidery characterizes it. I can use even holdings as a shoulder and become the item which can conjugate in various scenes. The main storing comes to support B4 size, and a feeling of size to be usable with usability and unisex to be able to throw a belonging quickly becomes attractive. I possess one place of open pocket inward and become the structure not to be in need of the storing such as pass cases either.

■The specifications details
The inside: Pocket (S) *1
※When specifications are changed by the product improvement by the maker, there is it.
A dress material: Canvas (canvas)
The main body: About W330 (the upper part) /430 (the lower part) X H370 X D85 (mm)
A steering wheel: Height approximately 130 (mm)
A shoulder strap: Length approximately 600-1100 (mm) X width approximately 38 (mm)
Weight: Approximately 350 grams
※The size becomes the notation of the mm unit.
※The size becomes the full scale value of our store measurement.
※Some individual difference occurs because of a product.

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