Bianchi Bianchi DIBASE Messenger Bag NBTC-03

Easy-to-carry size, perfect messenger bag for daily use
The messenger bag of "DIBASE" series which represents the brand. The original fabric DUALTEX (Dual Tex) is used with a feeling of tension and water repellency in the material. It is easy to carry with a practical size feeling that is not too large while there is storage capacity, and it is convenient for daily use. The main storage is large enough to fit the A4 size exactly, in addition to necessities, notebooks and PET bottles can also be stored. The interior is equipped with a cushion built-in pocket that can hold the tablet. In addition, the interior of the main body adopts the Celeste color which is the brand color of Bianchi, and the inside is easy to see brightly. The main body has a wide variety of pockets that can sort and store small items both inside and outside. The outer pocket is ideal for storing items that you want to take out quickly, such as a pass case, and the interior is equipped with a cushion built-in pocket suitable for storing the smartphone.

Specification details
Outside: Zip pocket (M) × 1
Inside: 1 tablet storage, 2 pockets (M), 1 pocket (S), 1 pocket (XS) x 1
Accessories: 1 shoulder pad
※ Due to product improvement by the manufacturer, there is also a case where the specification is changed.
Surface: Polyester / Accessories: Synthetic leather (faux leather)
Body: About W340 x H230 x D120 (mm)
Shoulder straps: Length about 780 to 1220 (mm) x Width about 40 to 70 (mm)
Weight: about 720g
※ Size will be the notation of mm units.
※ Size will be the actual size value of our store measurement.
※ Some individual differences will occur depending on the product.

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