Samsonite Samsonite EPid 3 3Way Bag EXP GV9-004

A 3WAY briefcase that is attractive for its flexibility to suit any occasion
"EPid Plus," which represents Samsonite's business bag, is now available as "EPid 3" in a more stylish and easy-to-use manner. This is a 3WAY briefcase that can be used according to the scene. By using water-repellent nylon as the material, it can be used with confidence in case of sudden weather changes. The biggest point in the series is the design that all models are equipped with a "gadget compartment" that allows you to manage gadgets inside the storage compartment for each item. By knowing exactly where and what is stored, we support a smooth and smooth business scene. The storage part has a two-layer structure that corresponds to B4. The front storage is suitable for storing small items, and the back storage is a simple structure with a mesh zip pocket, making it convenient for managing documents. In addition, the back storage is equipped with an expandable function that can increase the capacity, and it also corresponds to the increase of luggage on the go. Equipped with a zip pocket on the outside front. A pocket with a diagonal cut is built in so that you can easily take out the items when you bring the bag with you on your back. In addition, it has a pocket for storing a rucksack strap and a handle, and a set-up function with a suitcase on the back side to maintain comfort when moving.

■Specification details
Outside: Zip pocket (L) x 1 [Pocket (M) x 1, Pocket (S) x 1, Pen holder x 2 built-in], Zip pocket (L) x 1
Front storage: PC storage × 1, tablet storage × 1, mesh pocket (M) × 2, mesh pocket (S) × 1, pocket (S) × 1, mesh pocket (XS) × 1, bottle holder × 1
Back storage: 1 mesh zip pocket (L)
Accessories: Shoulder strap x 1, shoulder pad x 1
*Specifications may change due to product improvements by the manufacturer.
Outer Material: Nylon / Included: Cowhide
Body: About W430 x H310 x D100/120 (mm)
Handle: Height about 90 (mm)
Shoulder strap: Length approximately 810 to 1360 (mm) x width approximately 40 (mm)
Backpack strap: Length about 450-850 (mm) x width about 25-80 (mm)
Weight: about 1810 grams
*Size is expressed in mm.
*Size is the actual size measured by our shop.
*Some individual differences may occur depending on the product.

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