Works in the bag or in the desk
A pouch of the"TAB/tab"series, named after an image that opens things like a web browser tab.It is an item that is active in various scenes such as tidying up in the bag and putting together the stationery on the desk.The storage unit corresponds to A5 size,and a simple design with a pen holder in 1 place.The outside is equipped with a W-ring so that it can be fitted with an optional strap.Also, the material is made of French tarpaulins.It is characterized by excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, tensile strength, and durability.

■ Specification details
Outside: W Ring×1
Inside: pen holder×1
※There is also the case that the specification is changed due to product improvement by the manufacturer.
Surface: tarpaulin
Body: about W265×H165(mm)
Storage opening: about 230(mm)
Weight: about 60g
*The size is indicated in mm.
※The size will be the actual size of our measurement.
※ Slight individual differences may occur depending on the product.

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