First home face slice 8L kids nmj72005

Cute form of backpack
K homeslice / kids home slice. Recommended for children with preschooler size of small size and easy to use. The color variation is abundant, and it is recommended to the daily garden, excursion, and outdoors. The main storage part corresponding to A5 size is small size picture book, drawing book, towels, etc. It is easy to use and is designed to be easy to use. The back and the strap is made of material that is excellent in permeability and elasticity, and is considered to be shoulders and shoulders. In addition, convenient D-ring and Velcro type chest belt are points. The installation of a reflector loop, which is convenient for installation of minilight, is also attractive in the front of the body.

Specifications details
Mesh pocket (s) x
Inside: mesh pocket (m) x 1
* there are also cases where specifications are changed by product improvement by manufacturer.
Front: Black (KK), TNF lemon x clear lake blue (LC), jade dylne x Mister Pink (JP), Impatiens Pink (IP), British Khaki / Black (BK): 210D mild nylon / surface: TNF lemon toss logo print black
Main body: about w225 x h285 x d115 (mm)
Backpack: length: 320-480 mm
Weight: about 230 grams
Capacity: About
* the size is expressed in units of mm.
* the size is the actual value of our store measurement.
* some individual differences occur depending on the product.

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