"Clinton" backpack 6302004

¥61,875 ¥82,500
Casual backpacks for adults
Harrison / Harrison backpack. It is simple, light embossed leather, and it has a simple, modern appearance and excellent storage function. Casual backpack that tends to be casual is made by all leather, and adult casual can be achieved. Storage size is easy to handle size corresponding to A4 size. It is made simple with a simple installation with PC storage and zip pocket inside, and opening and opening of the item smoothly. Simple and easy to use, it is a finished consideration. Equipped with zip pocket in front of the main body. It has a card pocket and pen holder inside to support smooth and smooth operation when taking notes quickly while moving. In addition, there is a pocket opening and closing magnet on the back of the body.

Specifications details
Outside: zip pocket (L) x 1 [pocket (s) x 1, card pocket x 2, pen holder x 2, key leash x 1], magnet pocket (s) x 1
Inside: PC storage x 1 zip pocket
Accessories: nametag x 1
Product warranty
* there are also cases where specifications are changed by product improvement by manufacturer.
Cow leather / lining: Polyester
Main body: about w280 x h390 x D90 (mm)
Backpack: length: About 660 to 790 mm
Weight: About
* the size is expressed in units of mm.
* the size is the actual value of our store measurement.
* some individual differences occur depending on the product.

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